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About us

About Starfluffle Fabrics-
*All fabric is digitally printed
*Pre-ordered fabric typically takes 4-12 weeks to print and ship to me. Please allow up to 1 week after I receive it for shipping to you. Sometimes it will be faster, sometimes it will take longer. Reprinting due to flaws, shipping delays from my printer, etc are out of my control. I will do everything I can to get fabric out to you as soon as possible.
*All fabric and all pre orders are nonrefundable.
*I can only ship to the address provided during checkout. PLEASE make sure your address is correct when paying your invoice.
*Digitally printed fabric will sometimes contain roller marks or specks within five inches of the selvage. Small flaws that can be covered by a US quarter will sometimes occur. I can not offer refunds for these types of manufacturing flaws as they are a normal part of the digital printing process. If you receive flawed fabric or have any other concerns you must contact me within 48 hours of delivery. Please do not wash or cut flawed fabric until you have contacted me. If an abnormal flaw is found you will be refunded the price per inch for the flawed section. Example- You find a 5 inch white streak in a 1 yard cut of fabric. Preorder price was $20/yard. You will receive a $2.63 refund. ($20 divided by 36in equals $0.55 per inch. $0.55 times 5in equals $2.77)